WTF: It's 2017, and the White House is already threatening other 2020 GOP presidential candidates

So – this is concerning:

The White House on Saturday sent a warning to any Republicans potentially looking to challenge President Trump in 2020.
“The president is as strong as he’s ever been in Iowa, and every potentially ambitious Republican knows that,” White House spokeswoman Lindsay Walters told The New York Times for a story about possible Republicans eyeing 2020.

The fact that the White House spokesperson needs to even talk about the sitting President facing an election challenge from a member of his own party is amazing. To do it more than 3 years before the election is unheard of. But to do it in a way that’s blatantly threatening? That’s pure Trump.
More from the story:

The Times reported that multiple advisers to Vice President Pence, who has kept a packed political schedule, have hinted to party donors that he would plan to run if Trump did not.
Pence is the first sitting vice president to create his own PAC, Great America Committee, and has been cultivating the administration’s relationship with top conservative donors, such as the Koch brothers.

As you might imagine, Twitter has been in a bit of a tizzy:

But what do you expect when the President’s spokesperson is busy making veiled threats against the Vice President? Oy.