Signs from the Women's March that we LOVED!

Hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets in cities across the US to participate in the second Women’s March. Anger over the Trump administration and a desire to draw attention to the #MeToo movement brought people out in droves.
The signs that protesters carried did not disappoint!
Here are a few of our favorites:
women, do not throw away your shot! vote!
girl with sign
please note lack of nazis at our marches sign
ladies with signs
our rights are not up for grab and neither are we
i've seen smarter cabinets at Ikea
boss of my body sign
sorry mike, you have to carry it to term, even if it kills you - pregnant trump belly
expect us 2018 sign
they tried to bury us but they didn't know we were seeds

support trans women
if we don't stand for dreamers we don't stand for anything
actual stable genius sign
in the average month 50 women are shot to death by their boyfriends and husbands
without hermione harry would have died in book one
dc womens march