Trump's Foreign Policy is Killing More Civilians in 6 Months Than The Last 8 Years Combined

This is really sick and disturbing. From the Independent:

Nearly as many Iraqi and Syrian civilians have died in US-led air strikes under Donald Trump as were killed during the whole administration of Barack Obama, independent analysts say.
As of 13 July, more than 2,200 civilians had been killed by the US-led international coalition against Isis since Donald Trump entered the White house in January – compared with the estimated 2,300 civilians who died during similar strikes between 2014 and 2016.

Roughly 80 civilians per month died in strikes under Mr Obama but this has now risen to approximately 360 per month under Mr Trump, according to research by the military tracking organization Airwars.

Our foreign policy should be oriented towards peace and non-aggression, not imperial ambitions and civilian casualties – that goes for every President. But Trump is taking some of the worst US policies and putting them on steroids.
Want to understand Trump’s ISIS policy? This video is a good place to start: