Trump Supporters Just Got Triggered By…George Washington's Custard Recipe?

While the nation is being rocked by news of potential behind-the-scenes collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian government, a core group of Trump’s biggest supporters online are keeping their eyes on the big stuff.
Namely, getting massively upset by George Washington’s favorite custard recipe being posted online. (We’re not kidding here folks. Though dear lord do we wish we were.)
Vice Munchies has the scoop:

Townsends, a popular cooking channel with almost 300,000 subscribers and hundreds of videos, specializes in 18th-century cooking and lifestyle content. It’s where you might go to learn how to make parched corn or salt-glazed pottery—and it unintentionally ignited a firestorm when it released a video on July 3 about a traditional dessert known as the “orange fool.”
If you read those two words and immediately thought of our current commander-in-chief, you’re not alone. The typically quaint comments section of the Townsends video was quickly inundated with mentions of “cucks” and MAGA. The reaction to the video was so acrimonious—viewers on both sides of the aisle argued, and Trump supporters threatened to unsubscribe—that Townsends decided to issue a response video two days later, titled “The Intrusion Of Modern Politics On Our YouTube Channel,” to address the perceived political motivations of “orange fool.”

But was “orange fool” really a subtle insult towards the President on the day of our nation’s birth? It’s just a basic custard recipe infused with orange juice, nutmeg, and cinnamon.

In other news, this is reality.
Twitter was quick to respond in disbelief, per the usj:

If you’d like to watch the video yourself, enjoy! It does look absolutely delicious. 🙂