After Finding Nothing, Voter Fraud Commission Dissolved by Trump

President Trump on Wednesday dissolved his ‘Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity’ after finding no evidence supporting his unfounded claims of voter fraud during the 2016 election.
The commission, which was created in May of last year, was charged with discovering how an unemployed game show host with a winning personality like Donald Trump, lost the popular vote by more than 3,000,000 votes to Democratic rival Hillary Clinton.
However, Press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said in a statement penned by President Trump’s office that the commission was forced to disband due to many states refusing to hand over voter information.

“Despite substantial evidence of voter fraud, many states have refused to provide the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity with basic information relevant to its inquiry. Rather than engage in endless legal battles at taxpayer expense, today I signed an executive order to dissolve the commission, and have asked the Department of Homeland Security to review these issues and determine next courses of action.”

Trump spent months after the election making wild claims that millions of people voted illegally for Hillary Clinton during the 2016 election.
The Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity was chaired by the extremely non-partisan Vice President Mike Pence, as well as Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, who has become a staunch supporter of voter ID laws in the hopes of being offered a seat on the Trump train to nowhere.
Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) released a statement after the failed effort to find imaginary voter fraud was finally dissolved.

“The commission never had anything to do with election integrity. It was instead a front to suppress the vote, perpetrate dangerous and baseless claims, and was ridiculed from one end of the country to the other.”

Trump has yet to personally comment on his latest failure.