Portland GOP Response to White Nationalist Train Stabbings Is Straight Up Disgraceful

Portland is still dealing with the aftermath of the horrific white nationalist train stabbings that just took place there.
In the aftermath of the horrific attack, the Mayor of Portland, Democrat Ted Wheeler, has spoken out against those who “peddle a message of hatred and bigotry.” And the top Republican in Portland, Oregon?
Well…let’s just say that his response was pretty different.

Portland’s County GOP Chairman, one of the most important Republican officials in the state, instead called for extreme right-wing milita groups to protect Republicans in Portland.
You read that right.
For the top Republican official in Portland, apparently a. “protecting” Republicans and b. promoting gun-wielding militias with a questionable history of racial rhetoric are the top priorities.

In Trump’s America, apparently that’s just how Republican officials are now expected to respond to tragedy.

To recap: three men were stabbed the weekend before last on a Portland train as they were trying to prtoect 2 Muslim teenage girls from being viciously harassed with anti-Muslim hate speech.
The assailant? 35-year old Jeremy Joseph Christian, a “known local white supremacist” and far-right extremist.
Two of the three victims died in the attack: army veteran Rick Best and recent college graduate Taliesin Myrddin Namkai Meche, while local college student Micah David-Cole Fletcher survived his injuries.
Those two teenage girls who have been through so much deserve better than this. So do those three champions against hatred who paid such a high price.
So does Portland.