Maine's Tea Party Governor Just *Admitted* He Lies To His Voters

Maine’s Tea Party Governor, Paul LePage, is no stranger to being a cretinous lout. When he’s not publicly sending death threats to Mainers, or openly endorsing racial profiling, you might catch him insulting the NAACP or comparing the IRS’ activities to the Holocaust.
But this is the Age of Trump. Which means it’s time for LePage to openly declare war on a free press and brag about lying to his voters:

Maine’s controversial Gov. Paul LePage appeared to suggest on Thursday that he makes up fake stories to mislead reporters — before adding that society would be better off without print media in general.

“I just love to sit in my office and make up ways so they’ll write these stupid stories because they are just so stupid, it’s awful,” LePage told local radio station WGAN-AM on Thursday.
“I’m sorry, but I’d tell you the sooner the print press goes away the better society will be,” he added.
LePage’s office did not immediately respond to request for comment.

What. The. Hell.
How does this guy not get: when you lie to the press, and they spread your lies to voters, you are in effect lying to voters?
Twitter response has been swift:

Why would anyone take LePage seriously again when he complains about the media getting anything wrong? He just admitted he himself sends them false information!
Dear Governor: