Fox News So Badly Misreports Trumpcare It Becomes Unbelievably Humiliating On Air

Trumpcare failed hard again this last week – and all over the country, grassroots citizen activists are celebrating their win.
One place they’re not celebrating? Fox News, where they’re busy misunderstanding how health insurance works that it’s becoming a continual embarrassment. This is what the the latest edition of Fox & Friends looked like:

This morning on Fox & Friends, hosts Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade, a slightly dumber pair of couch-dwelling pontificators than Beavis and Butthead, got lathered up about Democratic senators who were celebrating the continued existence of Obamacare by taking selfies with one another and protesters on Capitol Hill.
“Congratulations, you now will pay a fine or you have to have insurance,” Kilmeade said mockingly as images of young protesters were on the screen. “Congratulations, the healthy people are paying for the sick people.”
And congratulations to Kilmeade for figuring out how insurance works, and deciding it a scam. The very idea behind most health-insurance plans, such as the one Fox offers its employees, is to have healthy people subsidize the sick. Everyone pays into a pool and those who need care have it paid for.

Um – what? That’s, like, what insurance is. That’s like saying, “oh, so you have to push this slab of wood to get from room to room? Nice door, if you can ever call it that.”
Here’s the actual video, if you don’t believe us that this is real:

As you might imagine, Twitter has been going pretty bananas:

Says it all, indeed.