Chris Christie Just Gave a GIANT 'F–k You' to New Jersey

New Jersey Governor (and key Trump booster) Chris Christie just made it public: he doesn’t even want to pretend to give a flying f**k about New Jerseyans anymore.
Christie is largely being blamed by voters for a NJ government shutdown that left public resources – like parks, beaches, and DMV offices – shut down going into July 4th weekend, and that continues. As you might imagine, the beach, on July 4th in New Jersey, is kinda a Big Thing – and an important part of NJ’s economy for many, many people.
So, you’d think the last thing you’d want to do, if you were Governor, would be to use the beaches for a personal family vacation just after your announced regular New Jerseyans could no longer use them.
You’d be wrong:

On Friday, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie ordered beaches across the Garden State closed — a reaction to the ongoing budget impasse in the state’s legislature.

Less than 48 hours later, photos from NJ Advance Media showed Christie sunning himself with his family on Island Beach State Park — the only people on the beach because, well, the governor had closed it.
This photo really sums it up.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie uses the beach with his family and friends at the governor's summer house at Island Beach State Park in New Jersey on July 2. Christie is defending his use of the beach, closed to the public during New Jersey's government shutdown, saying he had previously announced his vacation plans and the media had simply "caught a politician keeping his word."

Then, when New Jerseyans asked him about it, he lied about it – and this happened:

After leaving the beach, Mr. Christie held a news conference in Trenton, where he was asked whether he had gotten some sun that day.

“I didn’t,” he said, according to The Star-Ledger. “I didn’t get any sun today.”

But his spokesman, Brian Murray, recalibrated after being told of the existence of the photos, saying, “The governor was on the beach briefly.”

“He did not get any sun,” Mr. Murray added, according to The Star-Ledger. “He had a baseball hat on.”

One person called the pictures “grotesque.”

As you might imagine, it’s been a fun day on Twitter.