Biden says European leader compared Trump to Mussolini

Former Vice President Joe Biden said Tuesday that one of the fourteen European leaders who have expressed concern to him about President Trump compared him to Mussolini.
During an event Tuesday with Ohio governor John Kasich, Biden said a European prime minister once likened Trump to “Il Duce,” the former Italian dictator Benito Mussolini.
The Guardian reported the following:

Biden, vice-president under Barack Obama, said the comment was made after Trump elbowed aside Duško Marković, the prime minister of Montenegro, before a group photo at a Nato summit in Brussels in May.
The former vice president graphically described the scene of his meeting with a European head of state, saying that the unnamed leader had described to him how Trump “took the president [sic] of Montenegro, shoved him aside, stuck his chest out and his chin, and all I could think of [was] ‘Il Duce’”.
Biden reenacted the mock pose to some laughter from a University of Delaware audience composed mainly of college students. He then corrected the crowd and said: “Not a joke, not a joke. That’s what people are thinking.”

Biden and Kasich, both former and possible future presidential candidates, publicly agreed on many of Trump’s perceived flaws in a moment of partisan concern for the nation. Trump’s attacks on the established press, while hiring Steve Bannon and validating the rightwing website Breitbart, seemed to be a primary concern for both men.

“When you delegitimize the press to degree where they aren’t believable at all then Katie bar the door. This breaking down of international and national norms is the glue that holds the liberal world order together, is the glue that holds together our system.

Biden also implored the remaining members of Trump’s administration to stay the course and help keep the country from coming apart.
“I don’t want to see the chief of staff quit, I don’t want to see the secretary of State quit, I don’t want to see the secretary of Defense quit. We have a president that doesn’t understand governance.”