Democratic Activists
Email List Data Card was founded in 2000 to mobilize progressive Democratic activists and voters to win elections and advocacy campaigns.

Since we began we have focused on building the biggest and most responsive email list of Democratic donors, voters and activists in the country and that’s why nearly every Democratic state party has bought our emails for nearly every competitive candidate since email fundraising took off in 2008.

With the restrictions on facebook fundraising, and recent texting restrictions, email will continue to be the most effective way to raise money, recruit volunteers and turnout supporters in 2022. 

How can we help?

  1. Biden Voters: We have built an email list of every Biden voter we can reach – we now reach 33 million and we’re aiming for 81 million.
  2. Volunteer Recruitment and Mobilization: We have a list of over 10 million progressive activists that can be narrowed by state, congressional distinct, state house and zip code.
  3. District Specific: We can provide in-district emails to every Democratic candidate so they can raise more money, recruit more volunteers, and turn out more voters.
  4. Cell Phones: Our email list can be matched to include cell phone numbers so you can better communicate with donors, activists and voters.
  5. Voter Targeting: Our list can be matched to the voter file to help target your message to sporadic voting democrats, proven voting Democrats, and first time Biden voters.

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National Count: 10,932,023

Statewide Email Counts State Counts has two email lists for our clients to choose from

Email services provided by 

  1. Petition Optins: $3 each – minimum $10,000 – 501(c)4 advocacy campaigns only
  2. Rental: $.05 each – minimum $5,000
  3. Democratic Voter Appends: $.25 each – minimum $5,000

(1) Petition Options include:


(2) Rental broadcast includes:

(3) Democratic Voter Appends include:


Terms and conditions:

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