While America celebrated our 247th birthday on July 4, 2023, Donald Trump posted this.

Just … wow. There are 81 million things we could say about this, but we’ll just say one. Thanks Joe! We really did cast 81 million votes for you in 2020, and we’ll cast 100 million votes for you in 2024!

And here are some reasons why we say Thanks Joe!

Thanks Joe – for choosing Kamala Harris – the first black woman – to serve with dedication and competence as your Vice President.

Thanks Joe – for encouraging everyone to get a Covid shot, which saved millions of precious American lives.

Thanks Joe – for working with Democrats in Congress to pass historic job-creating laws which produced the strongest economic recovery in the world.

Thanks Joe – for passing the most ambitious climate bill in history which has already unleashed massive investment in clean energy.

Thanks Joe – for appointing Ketanji Brown Jackson – the first black woman – to fight for justice for all of us on this corrupt Trump-packed Supreme Court.

Thanks Joe – for doing everything within your power to protect abortion rights and eliminate student debt.

Thanks Joe – for urging Republicans to pass common-sense gun safety laws after every tragic mass shooting.

Thanks Joe – for being honest, generous, and kind – and restoring dignity to the office of the President of the United States.

Most of all, Thanks Joe – for working tirelessly to keep your campaign promise to restore the soul of America.

Thanks Joe!

With affection and respect,