Blue Wave Grant: Application deadline is December 31, 2023
In the midst of one of the most pivotal elections in recent history, the spotlight often shines on high-profile presidential campaigns and statewide candidates. However, at, in partnership with SwipeBlue and, we recognize the vital importance of supporting down-ballot candidates who play a crucial role in shaping our communities and the nation. To that end, we are proud to introduce the Blue Wave Grant, aimed at empowering candidates at the congressional, state legislative, municipal, and school board levels.
The Blue Wave Grant is designed to provide valuable resources to candidates who may only sometimes receive the attention of larger campaigns. Recipients of this Blue Wave Grant will gain access to a comprehensive DDC Launch Kit, which includes:
1. Email and Texting: Candidates will have the opportunity to tap into $1,000 worth of emails and texts tailored to their specific district. boasts an extensive database of over 5 million emails from Democratic donors and activists.
2. SwipeBlue WhiteLabel: Grant recipients will receive a WhiteLabel version of SwipeBlue , empowering them with cutting-edge digital organizing capabilities in the upcoming election cycle. This intuitive platform will enable candidates to utilize powerful tools for fundraising, voter registration, and the recruitment and mobilization of volunteers and members. The SwipeBlue WhiteLabel ensures your campaign has the digital prowess you need to succeed. Estimated value is $1,000.
Eligible candidates for the DDC Grant include those running for congressional seats, state legislative positions, municipal and local offices, and school board positions. We encourage candidates who are passionate about driving positive change at the grassroots level to apply.
Applicants can choose the category that best aligns with their campaign objectives and values. Each category has its own eligibility criteria and objectives, so please review the specific details for each category when applying for the grant. We are excited to work with you to make a positive difference through your candidacy.
By applying for the DDC Grant, you not only gain access to valuable resources but also join a community of like-minded individuals dedicated to advancing Democratic values and initiatives. Your candidacy at the down-ballot level can have a significant impact on your community and the nation as a whole.
Eligibility requirements:
  • Democratic candidate for U.S. House or below
  • Running for an open seat or against a MAGA incumbent
  • Running as a committed champion on 2 or more issues above
  • Active campaign social media accounts and email platform
  • Applications must be received by December 31, 2023.
Here is the application form – candidates must apply personally to qualify.